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Harbour Dist Ltd

Distribution & Print Shop

We are a german-based skateboard distribution and printshop with our customer base spread all over europe.

We distribute brands like ÜBER Skateboards, APEX Boards, 187 KILLER PADS, SUPREME Trucks, SEVEN_PLY Decks & Rollen, ROCKERS Hardware, BACKFIRE E-Boards, WOOD STANCE Upcycling.

Our warehouse is filled with decks and wheels that we’ll glady turn into your own brand product in no time.
Quality craftsmanship and service are our strengths. .
Our lead time of 4-6 weeks makes our customers able to respond to changes in the market faster. We’ll make your business more independent!

All our decks are made from 100% Canadian hard rock maple from sustainable forest ecosystem management.
The glue used in our Decks is PU based,which makes for stronger pop and better impact resistance,while also meeting EU standards.
You can choose from our selection different veneer colors and sizes ranging from 6,75” all the way up to 9”.
We also offer different special shapes such as oldschool deck.

All our prints are handmade.
The high quality handmade silk screen heat transfer foils are made by an established printing company, which has been with all major brands such as GIRL, CHOCOLATE, BLACK LABEL, ALMOST,ENJOI, DARKSTAR, ZERO and many more, for many years.

For further information please contact us at contact(at)harbourdist.com

We are an OEM supplier for authorized resellers and industry only.